“CPD” – brand identity, knowledge translation & isometric graphics


Client: Colloquial Professional Development 

connecting the dots between engineers and multidisciplinary professionals. CPD is aimed at politicians, lawyers, and other multidisciplinary professionals looking to better understand the oil & gas industry and energy sector.

Costly pre-professional classes are typically outdated – referencing poorly designed powerpoint slides, long-winded textbooks, and aesthetically displeasing graphs. Colloquial Professional Development (CPD) urges scientific literacy and fluency in engineering and the oil & gas sector. With this in mind, I re-designed the ten module program with dynamic graphics, comprehensive presentations, and modern one-pagers to replace binder notes. CPD offers a modern take on learning for professional development—replacing lengthy lectures and formal language. Deliverables included:

  • Logo
  • Identity across ten-modules
  • Isometric graphics as scientific diagrams
  • Icon design
  • Graphs and infographics
  • Modern presentations and accompanying one-page takeaway summaries for each module.

Brand Identity

used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not formal or literary.

The identity bases itself off of the CPD theme – connecting the dots between engineers & scientists with multidisciplinary professionals. The logo remains in black or white to not interfere with the earth-tone colour scheme reserved for the modules—each having its unique colour for identification.

Modules & Graphics
Each module accompanies unique isometric graphics, icons, graphs, and colloquial copy. These elements are consistent across the presentation and one-page takeaway. For exmaple, the stratigraphic column was designed to show elements of zones, layers, drilling, and waterflood – see below.

Presentations & Takeaways
The double-sided one-pager is designed with the colour coded tab – with all ten modules including the colour-specific tab. Printed on 110 lb cardstock and laminated, the letter-size pages are convenient. They are designed in mind for the user to write additional notes on with dry-erase pens.